My services

Who can I help?

If you are a master or a PhD student, a postdoc or a professor, a particular, a company, an association or a NGO and if you have data in your drawer but lack the time or the knowledge to analyse them, I can help bring your data to life.

How can I help you?

I offer international services that can be asked either independently or together.

The services can be provided in English, French or Spanish.

Area of expertise:

  • Biology, Ecology, Conservation, Behavioral Ecology
  • Microbiology, Genetics, Evolution,
  • Social Science, Medicine …

From raw data …

Data Cleaning

Data exploration

Data analysis

Data visualisation

… to oral / written publication

“80% of data analysis is spent on the process of cleaning and preparing the data.” 

Dasu T & Johnson T (2003)

“The results and inferences are precise only if proper statistical tests are used.”

Ali Z & Bhaskar SB (2016)

To call on my services will save you time and energy letting you focus on the work you enjoy whether that be applying for financing, manuscript redaction, conference presentation, teaching…

– Do not let data management and data analysis becoming your “nightmare”, let me have the pleasure to take care of it for you… –

The different services I offer are:

Logo of the data cleaning service - represent a bucket, broom and shovel

Data cleaning

Tidying, cleaning and managing your data to make them analysable by statistical programs

Logo of the data exploration service - represent a loupe

Data exploration

Exploring your data to identify relevant features and detect new patterns, outliers or flaws that could jeopardise subsequent statistical analyses

Logo of the data analysis service - represent a computer and the logo of the R program

Data analysis

Performing basic or advanced statistical analyses using R program

Logo of the data visualization service - represent a screen and a graph

Data visualisation

Creating tables, graphics and figures to illustrate your results for your written or oral publication. PowerPoint slide creation.

“If statistics can be said to describe and quantify the characteristics of data, visualisation is what enables us to actually see the data. In harmony, they give us the most thorough understanding of data.”

Kirk A (2014)