If you have data in your drawer but lack the time or the knowledge to analyse them, you are at the right place!​

To call on my services will save you time and energy letting you focus on the work you enjoy whether that be applying for financing, manuscript redaction, conference presentation, teaching…​​

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Doctor in Evolutionary Biology graduated from the University of Zurich with more than 10 years’ experience in academic research. Currently, freelance Data Scientist founder of the company GivingLifeToData providing Data Management, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation Services internationally.

Skilled in data management and basic and advanced Statistical Data Analysis (t test, ANOVAs, Generalised or Linear Mixed Effect Models -with or without phylogenetic control -, Survival Analysis, Social Network Analyses, Survey Analysis, Large scale comparative analysis…), specialised in the R program (a programming language and software environment for statistical computing well recognised by the scientific community). I decided to become a data scientist because[…] see more…

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From raw data …

Data Cleaning

Data exploration

Data analysis

Data visualisation

… to oral / written publication

If you have data in your drawer but lack the time or the knowledge to analyse them, I can help bring your data to life!

– Do not let data management and data analysis becoming your “nightmare”, let me have the pleasure to take care of it for you… –

To call on my services will save you time and energy letting you focus on the work you enjoy whether that be applying for financing, manuscript redaction, conference presentation, teaching…

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Data Cleaning Services

Tidying, cleaning and managing your data to make them analysable by statistical programs

Logo of the data exploration service - represent a loupe

Data Exploration Services

Exploring your data to identify relevant features and detect new patterns, outliers or flaws that could jeopardise subsequent statistical analyses

Logo of the data analysis service - represent a computer and the logo of the R program

Data Analysis Services

Performing basic or advanced statistical analyses using R program

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Data Visualisation Services

Creating tables, graphics and figures to illustrate your results for your written or oral publication. PowerPoint slide creation.

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Emeline Mourocq

PhD. Evolutionary Biology – Data scientist

+34 692 186 305


Emeline assisted me in analyzing data for my university thesis. I couldn't find the resources around me to answer my questions and progress in my project. She provided the support and advice I needed at that moment, often making herself available within tight deadlines. I was very impressed by her responsiveness, skills, and professionalism. Emeline guided me carefully through the analyses, helping me target the most effective goals and perspectives for my work. I felt a genuine effort on her part to provide assistance. I highly recommend Emeline to individuals seeking a competent and professional data analyst to help them with their research projects.
NGO Director
From the first moment, working with Emeline Mourocq has been fantastic! She has participated in several projects on Urban Biodiversity led by me. In all of them, she has shown an excellent level of performance. She is a real expert on statistical analyses and provides very detailed reports on results. She is very resourceful and provides useful suggestions that helped us to improve the methods and results sections in our manuscripts. It is very easy to deal with Emeline. I totally recommend working with her, and I will certainly do it in the future.
DR Juan Diego Ibanez-Alamo
Associate Professor
The intervention of Dr. Mourocq Emeline provided real added value to my scientific work. Her experience brought an innovative and interesting approach for the analysis of my data. The contacts we had were easy and rewarding. Thanks to her work, more information was extracted from my results, which allowed me to describe and publish them more easily. This first experience with a data scientist won’t be the last one
Researcher in Microbiology
Thank you so much for everything. Your work is amazing! I appreciate all your explanations in the analysis, it really help me to understand better the statistics. I will make sure to recommend you to everyone in need of good quality data analysis.
Master Student in Psychology
I did my Master's degree with Dr Emeline Mourocq. We also did an internship in the same research team, at the CEFE-CNRS in Montpellier. We worked together on many different projects over two years (bibliographical research, written reports, oral presentations, applied research, statistical analysis, etc). I was thus able to fully appreciate her immense qualities, both professional and human. Émeline is a diligent, rigorous, contentious, perfectionist scientist, a good listener and above all passionate about her work. Excellent in the way she manages a project and in her human relations, she has many times supported the students in difficulty in our class. Involved in everything she undertakes, Émeline is a trusted scientist on whom you can rely for your work. She will no doubt be able to live up to the mission you entrust to her and you will be able to see for yourself the immense qualities she demonstrates.
Dr Anne-sophie Deville
PhD in ecology